Heat Recycler Pump $689.00



The Heat Recycler pump consumes about half the energy than the most popular pump of our main market. In addition, the patented water cooling system of the pump transfers the heat of the pump’s motor into the pool.

This energy recovery provides a distinct advantage over competing products, which are cooling their motor by dissipating heat into the ambient air. The Recycler therefore provides additional heating to the pool at no additional cost.

In short, the Recycler  not only cost less to run than the alternatives but also recycles part of that electricity cost into heat for the pool.


The Recycler pumps are manufactured with high quality materials. The housing is made of UV stabilized plastic and the internal parts are in stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

The pump is also equipped with an oversized basket in order to avoid jams. The design of the Recycler ensures its reliability, and frees you to enjoy your pool in peace and tranquility.


The Recycler pump transmits between 2500 to 4000 BTU'S of heat of the pool water PER HOUR!


The patented technology of the Recycler pump allows a great part of the motor’s noise to be absorbed by the water circulating around it, which lets you and your surroundings enjoy a peaceful and quiet time.

The Recycler has no noisy fan, and can therefore be installed in an enclosed area such as a garden shed as it does not need fresh air to cool off. The result is a low noise level of about 55 dBA.

220 vt 3yr parts and labor warranty

Model Number (2018) Item DescriptionSizeSALE PRICE
AC-750Compact Pump Vertical DIscharge3/4 HP$149.99
347982Pentair Optiflo Horizontal Discharge1.0 HP$188.87
NW215DBSGG Blue Torrent HURRICANE DUAL Discharge 2 Speed Bondmaster/ ON OFF Switch1.5 HP (CLOSEOUT)$199.99
347983Pentair Optiflo Horizontal Discharge1.5 HP$204.47
MX110VNSVSMaxi Pump Vertical Discharge1.0 HP$219.99
MX110HNSBSMaxi Pump Horizontal Discharge1.0 HP $229.99
MX100DNSGSMaxi Pump Dual Discharge1.0 HP$239.99
MX115VNSVSMaxi Pump Vertical Discharge1.5 HP$249.99
MX115HNSVSMaxi Pump Horizontal Discharge1.5 HP$259.99
MX215DNSGSMaxi Pump 2 Speed Dual Discharge/ ON OFF Switch1.5 HP$269.99
JH115DNSGQBlue Torrent HURRICANE DUAL Discharge/ ON OFF Switch1.5 HP$279.99
JHS20DNSGQBlue Torrent HURRICANE DUAL Discharge/ ON OFF Switch2.0 HP$299.99
NW115DBSGGBlue Torrent HURRICANE-D Bondmaster1.5 HP$299.99
NWC150BSGGBlue Torrent HURRICANE-D E-CPU1.5 HP$369.99
CNWS15DBSCGBlue Torrent COPPERFORCE DUAL Discharge/ ON OFF Switch1.5 HP$399.99

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