Above Ground Expandable Pool Liners


Our 1st series of expandable liners are for standard flat bottoms only, they are used for pools that are dug out in the middle or either side, they are not true hopper liners.

Our 2nd series are true expandable liners. Manufactured with a special 100% virgin-vinyl formula that is resistant to chemicals and ultraviolet rays.

All liners are special ordered so give us 7 to 10 days for delivery. Series 1 liners can be ordered in blue, all swirl or sunlight patterns in 20 or 25 perma.

Freight Changes Additional.


Pool SizePerma 20 Series 1Perma 20 Series 1Perma 20 Series 1Perma 25 Series 1Perma 25 Series 1
Liner Pattern>All BlueAll SwirlSunlightAll SwirlSunlight
18' Round$184.35$253.48$293.48$293.48$344.48
21' Round$249.55274.50$324.50$324.50$374.50
24' Round$272.55$299.80$349.80$344.80$394.80
27' Round$375.50$412.50$462.50$462.50$512.50
28' Round$399.30
30' Round$447.83$478.26$528.26$528.26$578.26
33' Round$539.35$570.98$620.98$620.98$670.98
12'x24' Oval$241.60$265.76$315.76$315.98$365.98
15'x24' Oval$280.68$300.90$350.90$350.90$400.90
15'x30' Oval$365.63
16'x24' Oval$365.63$397.80$447.80$447.80$497.80
16'x32' Oval$383.65$422.02$472.02$472.02$522.02
18'x33' Oval$426.30$468.94
18'X39' Oval$624.60674.60724.60724.60$774.60
18'X45' Oval$732.50$772.50$822.50$822.50$872.50

Series 2 liners can be ordered in 20 mil or 25 mil material.

Freight Charges Additional.


Pool Size20 Mil Series 220 Mil Series 220 Mil Series 220 Mil Series 225 Mil Series 225 Mil Series 225 Mil Series 2
Liner Pattern>Solid BlueCrystal Creek Misty FallsBlue BayouSolid BlueCrystal Creek Sea Stone
18' Round$366.00$500.00$500.00$500.00$443.00$577.00$577.00
21' Round$464.00$618.00$618.00$618.00$561.00$731.00$731.00
24' Round$541.00$736.00$736.00$736.00$659.00$855.00$855.00
27' Round$670.00$906.00$906.00$906.00
28' Round$700.00$948.00$948.00$948.00$845.00$1,082.00$1,082.00
30' Round$752.00$1,045.00$1,045.00$1,045.00
32' Round$829.00$1,112.00$1,112.00$1,112.00$1,015.00$1,303.00$1,303.00
12'x20' Oval$350.00$479.00$479.00$433.00$572.00$572.00
12'x24' Oval$402.00$561.00$561.00$494.00$659.00$659.00
12'x28' Oval$448.00$633.00$633.00$551.00$736.00$736.00
12'x32' Oval$500.00$706.00$706.00$623.00$824.00$824.00
12'x40' Oval$613.00
12'x44' Oval$659.00$1,082.00$1,082.00
15'x24' Oval$464.00
15'X25' Oval$474.00
15'x26' Oval$489.00
15'x30' Oval$551.00
16'x24' Oval$474.00$654.00$654.00$654.00$577.00$762.00
16'x28' Oval$536.00$742.00$742.00$742.00$659.00$860.00
16'x32' Oval$592.00$824.00$824.00$824.00$767.00$973.00
16'x40' Oval$731.00$989.00$989.00$989.00$906.00$1,226.00
18'x27' Oval$541.00
18'x30' Oval$587.00$747.00
18'x33' Oval$644.00$1,025.00
18'x34' Oval$654.00$917.00$917.00$$917.00$824.00$1,076.00$1,076.00
18'x36' Oval$979.00$979.00
18'x38' Oval$721.00$1,009.00$1,009.00
21'x41' Oval$891.00$1,221.00$1,221.00$1,221.00$1,112.00$1,421.00$1,421.00

Freight Changes Additional.


Pool SizePieces NeededBags of 6 Needed2017 Total Price
12 Ft Round24 Total Pcs4 BAGS$27.80
15 Ft Round24 Total Pcs4 BAGS$27.80
18 Ft Round30 Total Pcs5 BAGS$34.75
21 Ft Round36 Total Pcs6 BAGS$41.70
24 Ft Round42 Total Pcs7 BAGS$48.65
27 Ft Round48 Total Pcs8 BAGS$55.60
30 Ft Round54 Total Pcs9 BAGS$62.55
33 Ft Round60 Total Pcs10 BAGS$69.95
12 Ft x 24 Ft Oval36 Total Pcs6 BAGS$41.70
15 Ft x 24 Ft Oval42 Total Pcs7 BAGS$48.65
15 Ft x 30 Ft Oval48 Total Pcs8 BAGS$55.60
18 Ft x 33 Ft Oval54 Total Pcs9 BAGS$62.55

Freight Changes Additional.


EZ Clip Bead Receiver for Embassy and Doughboy Liners Only
Pool SizePCS NeededPrice
15 Ft Round12$95.88
16 Ft Round13$103.87
18 Ft Round15$119.85
21 Ft Round17$135.83
24 Ft Round19$151.81
27 Ft Round22$175.81
28 Ft Round23$183.77
30 Ft Round25$199.75
32 Ft Round26$207.74
12' X 20' Oval13$103.87
12' X 24' Oval16$127.84
12' X 28' Oval18$143.82
12' X 32' Oval20$159.80
12' X 40' Oval24$191.76
15' X 30' Oval20$159.80
16' X 24' Oval17$135.83
16' X 28' Oval19$151.81
16' X 32' Oval21$167.79
16' X 40' Oval25$199.75
18' X 33' Oval22$175.78
18' X 34' Oval23$183.77
18' X 38' Oval25$199.75
21' X 41' Oval27$215.73

Freight Changes Additional.


Skimmer TypeFor Wall Cut OfColorInventory Number2017 Price
StandardNormal Hayward Cut-OutWhiteJED/AQUA SPORT/AC$ 62.99
Wide MouthNormal Hayward Cut-OutWhite or GreyAC/JED$ 79.99
Colossus WIdemouthNormal Hayward Cut-OutGreyBS-101R$129.99
Standard EmbassyEmbassy Factory CutBeige0-2091-013$129.99
Standard Embassy Embassy Factory CutGrey0-2091-015$129.99
Deluxe Doughboy Factory CutBeige0-2094-013$149.00
Deluxe Doughboy Factory CutGrey0-2094-015$149.00
Classic Deluxe Doughboy Factory CutBeige0-2095-013$175.00
Classic Deluxe Doughboy Factory CutGrey0-2095-015
Extension ThroatDoughboy Classic CutBeige0-2351-001$49.00
Extension ThroatDoughboy Classic CutGrey0-2351-002$49.00
Skimmer ExtensionDoughboy Silvertone CutFor In-Ground0-2351-011$72.00
Lomart SkimmerLomart Factory CutBeige1-4115-006$149.00
Winterizing KitFor All Doughboy SkimmersWinterizing Protection Plate
Winterizing Sealing Gaskets
All connection Hardware
Pre FilterNormal Hayward Cut-OutGreyBS-202PSN$199.99
Pre Filter AdaptorWide Mouth Hayward Cut-OutGreyBS-25003$19.99
Pre Filter Replacement BagPre FilterWhiteBS-26298P$29.99
Extra Deep Debris BasketPer FilterGreyAC-93378$19.99


Western and Central Penna, Eastern Ohio and West Va,

Is your above-ground pool liner ripped, leaking or just look bad? We come to your home and measure your pool and your pool’s slopes, angles and depths accordingly assuring a perfect fit.

Our professional installers have over 40 years of experience and are versed in all types of pool types and shapes. Let US be sure the job is done right and have your swimming in no time at all!

If you are interested in a free quote please call 1-888-438-7665 and ask for Joe – Joe can give you pricing right over the phone in most cases. If you decide to move forward Joe can come to your home and show you patterns and go over any other concerns or questions you may have.

CALL 1-888-438-7665 Today to Insure Early Installation!


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