25 Mil Premium 52″ Uni-Bead Mystri Gold


Our premium overlap, multi-bead, uni-bead or beaded liners are constructed of Standard and Heavy Gauge vinyl, our liners will last longer and maintain their beautiful appearance for years.

Overlap liners are designed for you to secure them under your pool's top rail. Liner material will draped over your pool's walls and then is held in place with clips. After installing your liner then reinstall all your top rails.

Strong, double-welded seams will withstand winter's worst. Our liners are so rugged; they are backed by a 15-Year Warranty on Standard guage liners and a 25-Year Warranty on Heavy guage.

All of the flat-bottom overlap liners will fit either 48", 52" or 54" sidewalls.

Overlap Expandable liners use a Lamiclear process that provides maximum chemical and UV protection. Unique fabrication allows vinyl to contour to pool floor when properly installed. Strong, double-welded seams. Liner will fit pools up to 72 inches deep.

Multi-bead and Uni-bead liners have two features, you can hook the liner to the rim of your swimming pool wall or if your pool has a bead receiver track you simply remove the j-hook part of the liner and snap the liner into place. And if your pool had an overlap liner you can replace it with a Multi-bead or Uni-bead.

Molecular Welded liners are manufactured by using a high-frequency molecular welds in its fabrication. This process produces a seal that is stronger then the material itself. High-Frequency Welds are normally only use for custom in-ground liners costing thousands of dollars!

Overlap Liner Pricing

Liner Mil20 Mil20 Mil20 Mil20 MIl20 Mil25 Mil25 Mil
Pattern> Solid BlueSolid BlueSolid BlueMorning WaveMorning WaveMorning WaveMorning Wave
Pool SizePricePricePricePricePricePricePrice
12' Round$ 79.99 $119.99$179.99$129.99$169.99$149.99$189.99
15' Round$ 99.99$139.99$219.99$159.99$199.99$179.99$219.99
18' Round$119.99$159.99$239.99$189.99$229.99$219.99$259.99
21' Round$149.99$189.99$289.99$219.99$259.99$249.99$289.99
24' Round$169.99$209.99$319.99$229.99$269.99$269.99$309.99
27' Round$219.99$259.99$389.99$329.99$369.99$369.99$409.99
28' Round$269.99$309.99$429.99$369.99$409.99$399.99$439.99
30' Round$289.99$329.99$469.99$399.99$439.99$439.99$479.99
33' Round$339.99$379.99$569.99$449.99$489.99$489.99$529.99
8'x12' Oval $ 99.99$139.99$129.99$169.99$149.99
12'x18' Oval$159.99$199.99$219.99$189.99$229.99$219.99$259.99
12'x24' Oval$169.99
15'x24' Oval $179.99$219.99$319.99$249.99$289.99$289.99$329.99
15'x25' Oval$189.99$229.99$349.99$259.99$299.99$299.99$339.99
15'x30 Oval' $209.99$249.99$379.99$269.99$309.99$309.99$349.99
16'x32 Oval $229.99$269.99$449.99$349.99$389.99$389.99$429.99
18'x33' Oval$289.99

Uni-Bead Liner Pricing

Liner Mil20 Mil20 Mil20 Mil20 Mil25 Mil25 Mil20 Mil20 Mil25 Mil25 Mil
Pattern>Mystri GoldMystri GoldMystri GoldMystri GoldMystri GoldMystri GoldMystri GoldMystri GoldMystri GoldMystri Gold
Pool SizePricePrice PricePricePricePricePricePricePricePrice
15' Round$189.99 $229.99$219.99$259.99$199.99$239.99$239.99$279.99
18' Round$229.99$269.99$229.99$269.99$259.99$299.99$239.99$279.99$269.99$309.99
21' Round$249.99$289.99$269.99$309.99$299.99$349.99$279.99$329.99$309.99$349.99
24' Round$269.99$309.99$289.99$329.99$319.99$359.99$299.99$339.99$339.99$379.99
27' Round$299.99$339.99$359.99$399.99$389.99$429.99$379.99$419.99$409.99$449.99
30' Round$429.99$469.99$459.99$499.99$449.99$489.99$479.99$529.99
33' Round$469.99$509.99$499.99$549.99$479.99$529.99$509.99 $549.99
12'X24' Oval$259.99$299.99$289.99$329.99$279.99$329.99$309.99$349.99
15'X24' Oval$309.99$349.99$339.99$379.99$339.99$379.99$369.99$409.99
15'X30' Oval$319.99$359.99$349.99$389.99$349.99$389.99$379.99$419.99
18'X33' Oval$399.99$449.99$429.99$469.99$419.99

Call us if you need your liner installed!

Liners are Not Returnable. Please measure your pool one more time before you open the box and also check box for proper liner type and size! IF you purchased the wrong size or type of liner and DID NOT OPEN THE BOX you can Exchange it for the proper type and size.


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