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Our Diatomaceous Earth media works with all brand DE filters. Highest quality that provides fantastic filtration giving you a crystal clear pool. Remember when you backwash your pool you need to replace the de that was discharged. Our DE powder will take out particles sizes as small at 3 to 5 microns. Leaves water sparkling and crystal clear without clumping.

Our Filter Sand does not solidify so this helps with no clogging or channeling of your filter bed. Chemical free and natural for crystal clear water. Our sand's angularity and size meets or exceeds all specs and makes our filter sand perfect for all sand filter applications.

BrightLine Sand Replacement Environmentally Friendly, made from 100% recycled materials. Utilizes the entire filter bed and does not pack or channel, backwashing takes less time and is required less frequently, saving water and chemicals. Material does not breakdown like typical sand filter media, it can last up to 3 times longer. You will require 20% less media using this product.

Our new Fiber Clear is a natural cellulose fiber filtration media the replaces DE in all swimming pool and spa filters. It is also an excellent top coat for sand filters, and an effective precoat for cartridge filters. It covers the grids efficiently and completely, backwashes 99%+ out of the filter, is biodegradable, non-toxic. and will not clog drains or sewers.

Fiber Clear in Sand Filtration Systems

Using Fiber Clear as a light top coat filter aid:

Add Fiber Clear directly into the skimmer to provide a top coat to your sand filter. Add only enough Fiber Clear to produce a 1-2 psi increase on your pressure gauge. (Refer to the chart below for dosages). This improves your filter’s ability to capture particulate down to 2 microns. When it is time to backwash, all the Fiber Clear and particulate exit the filter. You should recharge with Fiber Clear for the next filtration cycle.

Using Fiber Blend as a top coat filter aid:

Add Fiber Blend directly into the skimmer (after backwashing Fiber Clear out of your system) to provide a top coat to your sand filter. Add only enough Fiber Blend to produce a 1-2 psi increase on your pressure gauge. (Refer to the chart below for dosages).This improves your filter’s ability to capture particulates down to 2 microns. You may experience faster pressure increases as the filter now captures particles that pass through sand filters. Simply backwash and recharge with Fiber Blend until all the pool water has cycled through the filter. A pool cycle is typically 3 to 5 hours. Fiber Blend contains a natural enzyme that scavenges oils in pool water, (suntan lotions, body oils, and cosmetic residue). Your water clarity will improve dramatically…and the scum line on the tile will be greatly reduced.


Fiber Clear beats Diatomaceous Earth in every aspect possible. It’s cleaner, safer, easier and less expensive.

Banish dangerous D.E. and replace with a winning blend of Fiber Clear.Fiber Clear is a pure cellulose filtration media. This is a natural, organic hardwood based material that is extremely fine and made to filter pool water to incredible levels of clarity. Here’s what Fiber Clear can do for you:

a) Replaces Diatomaceous Earth in Your D.E. Filter

b) Provides Superior Water Clarity

c) Filters Particles Down to 2 Microns (Diatomaceous Earth filters down to 4 microns)

d) Is Environmentally Safe and Non-Toxic

e) Keeps Your Pool Sparkling Clear – Giving the Water a “Polished” Look

f) Backwashes Easier and Quicker than Diatomaceous Earth

g) Saves Water and Chemicals

DescriptionSize2018 Price2018 Price
Filter Sand50 lbs SizeSD-50$10.99
Bright-Line Filter for Sand Filters40 lbs Size (Replaces 50 lbs Sand)BL-40$19.99
Fiber Clear9 oz BagFCR009B $8.99
Fiber Clear(6) 9 oz BagsFCR0098B-6$39.99
Diatomaceous Earth25 lbs SizeDE-25$24.99





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