Replacement Filter Cartridges


We offer all the popular filter replacement cartridges for pool and spa filters. Our pool and spa cartridges are made with 100% Reemay®, a spunbond polyester filtration media that was made specifically for durability and antimicrobial protection.

All our replacement cartridges are compatible replacements for your systems.

Pool and spa filter cartridges should be replaced every 1-2 years. Signs that you need to replace your cartridge are a high PSI. cracked end caps, flattening of pleats, frayed fabric or reduction of water flow.

Filter ManufacturerCartridge #SizeBaleen #Pleatco #Unicel #
2017 Cost Each
Aqua-Inline/Season Master121-R-5050 SQ FTAK-3011$59.99 Each
Aqua-Inline/ Season Master131-R-7575 SQ FTAK-4010$89.99 Each
Aqua-Inline/ Season Master141-R-100100 SQ FTAK-4011$119.99 Each
TYPE A$ 8.99 Each
Intex59900E-4TYPE A (Remay)AK-3039$10.28
Intex28633 & 28634TYPE B$12.99 Each
Hydro-MaticBS 0047730 SQ FT$49.99
Hydro-MaticBS 5638760 SQ FT$69.99
Hydro-MaticBS 5595690 SQ FT$89.99
Hydro-MaticBS 55336120 SQ FT$129.99
Hydro-MaticBS 08753150 SQ FT$159.99
Hydro-MaticBS 08788180 SQ FT$199.99
Hydro-Matic DEAC-74543AC-DE-60$99.99
Hydro-Matic DEAC-74640AC-DE-75$129.99
Hydro-Matic DEAC-74713AC -DE-85$149.99
Hydro-Matic Pre FilterBS-26298PPre Filter Skimmer$29.99
Hayward XstreamCCX-1000RE100 SQ FTAK-700014PXST-100C-8311$67.73
Hayward XstreamCCX-1500RE150 SQ FTAK-70016PXST-150C-8316$95.83
Hayward XstreamCCX-1750RE175 SQ FTAK-7017PXST-175C-8317$116.83
Hayward XstreamCCX-2000RE200 SQ FT
Hayward Star ClearCX-500RE50 SQ FTAK-6082PA-50C-7656$46.88
Hayward Star ClearCX-750RE75 SQ FTAK-6085PA-75C-7676$63.33
Hayward Missle (NEW)CX-1000RE100 SQ FTAK-60552C-7698$86.30
Hayward Missle (OLD)CX-1750RE175 SQ FTAK-7011PA-175C-8417$135.48
Pentair Clean & ClearFor 320 Plus80 SQ FTAK-60433PCC80$50.16
Pentair Clean & ClearFor 420 Plus105 SQ FTAK-60431$61.60
RainbowUniversal Spas35 SQ FTAK-3015PRB35-INC-4335$38.33
RainbowUniversal/Signature Spas50 SQ FtAK-3049PRB50-IN$43.48
RainbowHawkeye Spas50 SQ FTAK-9019PWW50$40.92
RainbowMaxx/Elite Spas50 SQ FTAK-90109PMAX50P45CH-352$37.67
RainbowStrong Roto Spas20 SQ FTAK-90083PSAMT20P3$25.97
Waterway25 SQ FTAK-3011C-4326$27.94
Waterway35 SQ FTAK-3015C-4335$38.33
Waterway50 SQ FTAK-3049C-4950


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