The proprietary formula holds copper tightly in solution while allowing it to be completely accessible for killing algae.

This makes AlgaeShield highly effective. Rapid and complete dispersion is another unique feature.

This allows the copper to get where it needs to be to kill algae, even if circulation is not optimal. You don’t have to worry about this algaecide settling to the bottom.

AlgaeShield gets under ladders and in all those places that are difficult to brush. Just 1 ounce per 1000 gallons of water applied every 30 days is all it takes.

It’s the only algaecide you will need.

Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone, ultraviolet and salt systems. Not compatible with biguande systems.

AlgaeShield works within a wide pH range, but for bather comfort, maintain the pH between 7.2 and 7.6 or as recommended by your swimming pool manufacturer or dealer.

Algae Prevention

Algae can be prevented with just one application per month.

    1. Apply AlgaeShield at a dose of 1 ounce per 1,000 gallons of pool water, every 30 days.
    2. Do Not Add AlgaeShield more than once per month and do not exceed this recommended dosage rate, except to treat an existing algae bloom.

Algae Treatment

  1. Add AlgaeShield at a rate of 2 ounces per 1,000 gallons of pool water.
  2. Run the filter constantly for 48 hours.
  3. Do not add AlgaeShield for 30 days. Then resume regular application for algae prevention at the standard application of 1 ounce per 1,000 gallons
  4. ItemSizeProduct NumberPrice
    Premium Dichloro 2 lbsSun$ 14.99
    Premium Dichloro5 lbsMaintain$ 29.99
    Premium Dichloro 8 lbsSun$ 46.99
    Premium Dichloro9 lbsMaintain$ 49.99
    Premium Dichloro25 lbsSun$129.99
    Premium 3 in Chlorine Tabs4.375 lbsMaintain$ 24.99
    Premium 3 in Chlorine Tabs 5 lbsSun$ 26.99
    Premium 3 in Chlorine Tabs7 lbs Maintain$ 36.99
    Premium 3 in Chlorine Tabs10 lbsSun$ 49.99
    Premium 3 in Chlorine Tabs25 lbsSun$109.99
    Premium 1 In Tabs 5 lbsSun$ 29.99
    Premium 1 In Tabs10 lbsSun$ 52.99
    Premium 1 In Tabs25 lbsSun$114.99
    Super 70 3 In Tabs15 lbsSun$ 59.99
    Bromine Tablets1.5 lbsSun$ 16.99
    Bromine Tablets3 lbsSun$ 29.99
    Bromine Tablets25 lbsSun$114.99
    Breakout Total Shock 1 lb BagOmni$ 4.99
    Breakout Total Shock1 Case (24x1lb Bags)Omni$89.99
    Breakout 60 Shock1 lb BagOmni$ 5.99
    Breakout 60 Shock1 Case (24x1lb Bags)Omni$109.99
    Pool Pro Shock1 lb BagMaintain$ 5.99
    Multi Purpose Shock1 lb BagMaintain$ 6.99
    Crystal Clear Multi ShockCase (6) 1 lb BagsOmni$35.99
    Swimming Pool Discounters Start2.0 lbsMaintain$15.99
    10% Quat AlgaecideQuartMaintain$12.99
    Summertime AlgaecideQuartSun$12.99
    Concentrate 50%QuartSun$19.99
    50% Quat AlgaecideQuartMaintain$19.99
    Trouble Free AlgaecideQuartSun$ 20.99
    11% Copper AlgaecideQuartMaintain$21.99
    30% Non Foaming AlgaecideQuartMaintain$ 21.99
    Green Klear/CopperQuartSun$21.99
    4 Mt AlgaecideQuartSpec$23.50
    Skill-It AlgaecideQuartBio-Dex$24.50
    60% Non Foaming AlgaecideQuartMaintain$ 26.99
    AlgaeShieldQuartEarth Science Labs$29.99
    Ph Up 2 lbsSun$ 9.99
    Ph Up 5 lbsSun$ 12.99
    Ph Up10 lbsSun$ 24.99
    Ph Down Pool & Spa1 lb
    Ph Down 3 lbsSun $10.99
    Ph Down 6 lbsSun$ 19.99
    Alkalinity Up 5 lbsSun$ 12.99
    Alkalinity Up10 lbsSun$ 24.99
    Calcium Plus7 lbs Maintain$ 14.99
    Chlorine Stabilizer1.5 lbsMaintain$ 16.99
    Super ClairifierQuartSun$ 16.99
    Eco Clear (All Pools)QuartMillennium$22.99
    Pool Blue (ALL Pools)QuartSpec$22.50
    Natural Clairifer (All Pools)QuartSun$ 22.99
    Drop Down FlocculentQuartSun$ 18.99
    Phosphate RemoverQuartSun$ 29.99
    Super Metal ControlQuartSun$ 16.99
    Heat TrapperQuartSun$12.99
    Stain Gone 2 lbsSun$ 19.99
    30 Day CubeBoxSpec$ 8.99
    Phosphate 3000QuartSpec$ 24.50
    Phosphate 9000QuartMillennium$29.99
    Multi Stain RemoverBucketSpec$ 36.50
    Stain Out2 lbsPhoenix$ 19.99
    Stabilizer1.75 lbsQuantum$ 16.99
    Ultra Swim Shock 2 lbsQuantum$ 16.99
    Alum 6 lbsBio-Dex$ 23.50
    Phosphate RemoverQuartBio-Dex$ 36.50
    Spray Cartridge CleanerQuartBio-Dex$ 19.99
    Super ClarifierQuartMaintain$ 12.99
    Phophate RemoverQuartMaintain$ 26.99
    Q-Zyme Pool & SpaPintQuantum$9.99
    Bio ClearQuartMillennium$26.99
    Synergy KitLarge BoxOmni$ 139.99
    Synergy KitSmall BoxOmni$ 79.99
    Synergy Tabs4.5 lbsOmni$ 36.99
    Synergy Initiator12.5 lbsOmni$ 39.99
    Synergy Clear1 lb BagOmni$ 6.99
    Hth Granular Chlorine(1) 50 lbs Drum 50#Arch$ 64.99
    Hth Granular Chlorine(2) 50 lbs Drums 100#Arch$119.99
    Hth Granular Chlorine(4) 50 lbs Drums 200#Arch$219.99

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