Replacement Pumps


The workhorse of any pool system, PowerLine™ XP Pump Series has been designed to be more efficient in moving more water at lower energy costs. The advanced impeller design is driven by an industry-leading motor.

Powerline pumps feature 1 1/2 inch fittings, thermal protected motor, included strainer pot wrench, motor housing, 1 or 2 speed options and a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

#5-2023-000 Wrench for Powerline XP, XP1 & XP2 Pumps > $41.00

#5-2024-000 Wrench for Powerline XP3 & XP4 Pumps >$36.00

Model NumberItem DescriptionMotor SizeMotor SpeedTimerCord Length2017 SALE PRICE
0-3295-200Powerline XP 1 (Black).75 HP
1 SpeedNo25'$330.00
0-3296-200Powerline XP 1 (Black)1.0 HP1 SpeedNo25'$345.00
0-3297-200Powerline XP 1 (Black)1.5 HP1 SpeedNo25'$371.00
0-3298-200Powerline XP 1 (Black)2.0 HP1 SpeedNo25'$433.00
0-3295-203Powerline XP 1 (Black).75 HP1 SpeedNo6'$299.00
0-3296-203Powerline XP 1 (Black)1.0 HP1 SpeedNo6'$314.00
0-3297-203Powerline XP 1 (Black)1.5 HP1 SpeedNo6'$340.00
0-2398-203Powerline XP 1 (Black)2.0 HP1 SpeedNo6'$402.00
0-3596-200Powerline XP 1 (Black)1.0 HP2 SpeedNo25'$448.00
0-3597-200Powerline XP 1 (Black)1.5 HP2 SpeedNo25'$525.00
0-3598-200Powerline XP 1 (Black)2.0 HP2 SpeedNo25'$556.00
0-3596-203Powerline XP 1 (Black)1.0 HP2 SpeedNo6'$417.00
0-3597-203Powerline XP 1 (Black)1.5 HP2 SpeedNo6'$494.00
0-3598-203Powerline XP 1 (Black)2.0 HP2 SpeedNo6'$525.00
0-3395-220Powerline XP 2 (Black).75 HP1 SpeedYes25'$376.00
0-3396-220Powerline XP 2 (Black)1.0 HP1 SpeedYes25'$391.00
0-3397-220Powerline XP 2 (Black)1.5 HP1 SpeedYes25'$417.00
0-3398-220Powerline XP 2 (Black)2.0 HP1 SpeedYes25'$489.00
0-3395-223Powerline XP 2 (Black).75 HP1 SpeedYes6'$345.00
0-3396-223Powerline XP 2 (Black)1.0 HP1 SpeedYes6'$361.00
0-3397-223Powerline XP 2 (Black)1.5 HP1 SpeedYes6'$386.00
0-3398-223Powerline XP 2 (Black)2.0 HP1 SpeedYes6'$448.00
0-3496-200Powerline XP 3 (Black)1.0 HP1 SpeedNo25'$489.00
0-3497-200Powerline XP 3 (Black)1.5 HP1 SpeedNo25'$515.00
0-3496-203Powerline XP 3 (Black)1.0 HP1 SpeedNo6'$458.00
0-3497-206Powerline XP 3 (Black)1.5 HP1 SpeedNo6'$484.00

Model NumberItem DescriptionMotor SizeMotor SpeedTimerCord Length2017 SALE PRICE
0-1295-200Powerline XP 1 (Beige).75 HP
1 SpeedNo25'$330.00
0-1296-200Powerline XP 1 (Beige)1.0 HP1 SpeedNo25'$345.00
0-1297-200Powerline XP 1 (Beige)1.5 HP1 SpeedNo25'$371.00
0-1298-200Powerline XP 1 (Beige)2.0 HP1 SpeedNo25'$433.00
0-1295-203Powerline XP 1 (Beige).75 HP1 SpeedNo6'$299.00
0-1296-203Powerline XP 1 (Beige)1.0 HP1 SpeedNo6'$314.00
0-1297-203Powerline XP 1 (Beige)1.5 HP1 SpeedNo6'$340.00
0-1298-203Powerline XP 1 (Beige)2.0 HP1 SpeedNo6'$402.00
0-1596-200Powerline XP 1 (Beige)1.0 HP2 SpeedNo25'$448.00
0-1597-200Powerline XP 1 (Beige)1.5 HP2 SpeedNo25'$525.00
0-1598-200Powerline XP 1 (Beige)2.0 HP2 SpeedNo25'$556.00
0-1596-203Powerline XP 1 (Beige)1.0 HP2 SpeedNo6'$417.00
0-1597-203Powerline XP 1 (Beige)1.5 HP2 SpeedNo6'$494.00
0-1598-203Powerline XP 1 (Beige)2.0 HP2 SpeedNo6'$525.00
0-1395-220Powerline XP 2 (Beige).75 HP1 SpeedYes25'$376.00
0-1396-220Powerline XP 2 (Beige)1.0 HP1 SpeedYes25'$391.00
0-1397-220Powerline XP 2 (Beige)1.5 HP1 SpeedYes25'$417.00
0-1398-220Powerline XP 2 (Beige)2.0 HP1 SpeedYes25'$489.00
0-1395-223Powerline XP 2 (Beige).75 HP1 SpeedYes6'$345.00
0-1396-223Powerline XP 2 (Beige)1.0 HP1 SpeedYes6'$361.00
0-1397-223Powerline XP 2 (Beige)1.5 HP1 SpeedYes6'$386.00
0-1398-223Powerline XP 2 (Beige)2.0 HP1 SpeedYes6'$448.00
0-1496-200Powerline XP 3 (Beige)1.0 HP1 SpeedNo25'$489.00
0-1497-200Powerline XP 3 (Beige)1.5 HP1 SpeedNo25'$515.00
0-1496-203Powerline XP 3 (Beige)1.0 HP1 SpeedNo6'$458.00
0-1497-203Powerline XP 3 (Beige)1.5 HP1 SpeedNo6'$484.00


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