Spa Re Energize Shock 2 lbs $16.99


Quickly Oxidizes Contaminants in Your Spa or Hot Tub

Spa Choice Re-Energize Oxidizer Spa Shock is a non-chlorine oxidizing spa shock that has no chlorine odor. Re-Energize  Oxidizer Spa Shock oxidizes organic contaminants such as ammonia, perspiration and suntan oils, and enhances the sanitizing effect of bromine or chlorine in your spa or hot tub.

Re-Energize Oxidizer Spa Shock:

  • Oxidizes organic contaminants
  • Enhances the sanitizing effectiveness of chlorine and bromine
  • Has no chlorine odor
  • Removes chloramines and bromamines that cause "chlorine odor"
  • Reduces eye burn
  • Increases clarity of spa water

Re-Energize Oxidizer Spa Shock Directions for Use

This product will oxidize organic contaminants such as ammonia, perspiration, and suntan lotion. It will remove chloramines and bromamines which cause "chlorine odor" and enhance the sanitizing effectiveness of chlorine and bromine by acting to reduce the formation of new chloramines and bromamines. It will also increase the clarity of the water and reduce eye burn.

Add one capful of  Chlorine Free Oxidizer Spa Shock per 375 gallons of spa water every week, or more often if bathing load is heavy. Sprinkle the product over the spa water surface while the pump is circulating. Allow the product to fully circulate in the spa water before using the spa.

Note: This product is neither a sanitizer nor algaecide. For control of microorganisms in pool, spa, or hot tub water, or for algae control, use an EPA registered product.




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