Spa Filter Cleaner Qt-$10.99


Degreases Spa & Hot Tub Filters and Improves Filter Efficiency Spa Choice Filter Clean & Clear is a liquid product that greatly improves spa filter life and efficiency.

Filter Clean & Clear is specially made to cleanse suntan oil and grease as well as scale and mineral deposits from spa filters of all types: cartridge, sand, and D.E.

Regular use of Filter Clean & Clear will assure proper filtration for your spa or hot tub.

Spa Choice Filter Clean & Clear Directions for Use

When preparing or using Spa Choice Filter Clean & Clear, take care not to splash, drip or use on surfaces such as ceramic, linoleum, formica brand counter surfaces, carpeting, etc., as etching or discoloration of these surfaces may take place.  Filter Clean & Clear is intended only for use as a spa filter cleaner.

Sand Filters:

Turn off inlets and outlets for all chemical feeders.  Close the main drain and place the filter in backwash position. Slowly add one quart of Filter Clean & Clear through the strainer while back-washing.  This product can also be added through the sand fill port.

Run the filter until this product begins to come out of the backwash water or until the product is seen through a filter viewing cell.  Soak the filter for 8-10 hours. After soaking, backwash the filter until the water comes out clean and the foam clears. Reverse the procedure and start normal filter operation. For sand filters containing more than 300 pounds of sand, add two quarts of Filter Clean & Clear.

Cartridge Filters:

Stop filter operation. Bleed off excess pressure through the filter safety valve.  Open the filter unit, remove the cartridge from the filter, and rinse excess loose dirt with a water hose from top to bottom.

 Place the cartridge into a bucket and add one quart of product/five gallons water. Make sure the filter unit is completely covered by the cleaner. Soak 8-10 hours.

After soaking, rinse with the hose at maximum pressure to remove excess filter cleaner or until foam residue is completely washed off. Re-install the cartridge and resume normal filter operation.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters:

Stop filter operation.  Bleed off excess pressure through safety valve.  Remove filter elements (grids) from filter and rinse off excess dirt with a hose from top to bottom.

Place grids in a bucket and add one quart of this product/5 gallons water.  Make sure grids are fully immersed in cleaner.  Soak 8-10 hours.  After soaking, rinse out excess filter cleaner with the hose at maximum pressure.

Re-install grid and add new filter media. Resume normal filter operation.


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