Solar Covers for Above & In-Ground Pools


Our durable 3-Year solar blankets can warm your pool this year by up to 15°F. Our blankets are made to give you maximum heating properties combined with long life. 3-Year blankets are loaded with thermal bubbles that retain heat at night and on cool cloudy days.

Our transparent blue color allows the maximum amount of solar rays to reach your pool for optimal heating. All our blankets are A.V.-protected so they last under the most intense sunlight, Built to last and backed by a great  3-Year Warranty.



Use our new 12-Year Down Under™ solar blanket to heat your pool faster. Our blankets are laced with air bubbles that act as an insulating layer, shielding your pool from cool winds and nighttime cooling. In addition, our 12-Year Down Under™ allow more solar heat to reach the depths of your pool and heat it thoroughly then any other cover on the market today!

Down Under™ solar covers use the cutting edge in Australian solar technology. Australia has the strongest rays from the sun. and the Down Under™ solar cover can withstand those rays with its black on blue solar blanket material. Black solar covers not only heat the pool quicker, they prolong the life of the cover giving you years of heat for your swimming pool!

Invest in the solar blanket that will give you the best heating you can buy.   

Pool Cover Size3 Year Blue BubbleOrder Number12 Year Down UnderOrder Number
12' Round$19.99SA-12
15' Round$29.99SA-15
18' Round$39.99/BAB SOLD OUTSA-18$79.99/BAB SOLD OUTDU-18
21' Round$54.99SA-21$99.99DU-21
24' Round$69.99/BAB SOLD OUTSA-24$119.99/ BAB SOLD OUTDU-24
27' Round$79.99SA-27$139.99DU-27
28' Round$89.99SA-28
30' Round$99.99SA-30$169.99DU-30
33' Round$109.99SA-33
12' X 18' Oval$29.99SA-1218
12' X 24' Oval$39.99SA-1224$69.99DU-1224
15' X 24' Oval$49.99SA-1524$89.99/ BAB SOLD OUTDU-1524
15' X 30' Oval$59.99SA-1530$109.99DU-1530
16' X 32' Oval$69.99/ BAB SOLD OUTSA-1632$129.99DU-1632
18' X 36' Oval$79.99SA-1836$149.99DU-1836
12' X 20' Rectangular$39.99ISA-1220
12' X 24' Rectangular$49.99ISA-1224$89.99IDU1224
16' X 24' Rectangular$59.99ISA-1624
16' X 32' Rectangular$69.99ISA-1632$129.99IDU1632
18' X 36' Rectangular$89.99ISA-1836$149.99IDU1836
20' X 40' Rectangular$109.99ISA-2040



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