What Does it Cost to Run My Heat Pump?


What to know what the saving are by owning a heat pump? Just click below and fill in the data and see the energy saving you will have by using an all electric swimming pool heat pump. This comparison guide will provide you with some eye opening information.

Unlike gas heaters, heat pumps are most efficient when they are run for long periods of time and when they are run often. This is because they heat very slowly but maintain temperatures very well.

If you only run your heat pump when you use your swimming pool, your heat pump will have to raise your water temperature by as much as 20°F (11°C) every time you use your swimming pool.

This will cost you both time and money. Alternatively, if you regularly run your heat pump, your heat pump will only have to replace heat lost due to evaporation, rainfall, etc. Heat pumps’ low costs of operation make this option affordable and practical.

Calculator Vectors use .14 cents per kilowatt cost for electric (Pgh Area) , use $1.00 per Therm for nat gas (Pgh Area) , use $3.00 per gallon for propane gas (Pgh Area) , also use Hertz 60. List model number of aquacal heater.



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