Signature Spa Features


From up-graded pumps to bluetooth stereo systems, Signature Spas carries everything you need to get the most out of your therapy spa experience. Signature Spas provides only the best products at the best prices, to help you create the best spa conditions for you and your family.

Hydro-Therm Heat Regeneration System

Signature Spas USA is already recognized as the Spa Manufacturing Industry’s leader in providing unsurpassed energy efficiency and our exclusive Patent Pending Hydro-Therm Heat Regeneration System makes our great hot tubs even better!!

Signature Spas USA is the ONLY manufacturer with our exclusive water manifold system which creates heat utilizing friction which is created naturally when the water passes through the spa components. Our patent pending Friction Manifold creates up to 3 degrees every hour or 1 degree every 20 minutes when the spa is in use or the spa pumps are operating on High Speed.


hydro1While you are using your spa, or when the cover is not on the spa, the water temperature is reduced by up to 1 degree every 20 minutes. Every time you exit the spa, you are needlessly wasting valuable energy because the heater will automatically begin heating the water back to the pre-programmed temperature. Your spa could be wasting as much as 3 kWh to reach your preset temperature each time you use the spa!! If your spa is not equipped with Hydro-Therm Heat Regeneration System and you use your spa 6 times a week, the wasted energy might cost you as much as 80 kWh per month, or $8 based on the national average of 10 cents per kWh. Hydro-Therm Heat Regeneration System is good not only for your wallet, but good for our planet.

Signature Spas are manufactured to optimize both energy and economic conservation. Don’t pay MORE than you need to because you want to enjoy your spa EVERYDAY. Hydro-Therm Heat Regeneration System captures and recycles the natural energy as it passes through your spa during normal everyday use. Relax in your spa and when you get out, it’s the exact same temperature it was when you entered it, WITHOUT the spa heater having to operate. Hydro-Therm Heat Regeneration System also maintains the desired set temperature of your Signature Hot Tub when it matters most, when you are using it!!

Hydro-Therm Heat Regeneration System is designed to save unnecessary wear on your spa components while saving a significant number of kWh per month. So relax, and enjoy your Signature Spa, without spending too much every time you use it!

Balboa Series Jets


Versatility, Function, Finish and Refinement

Balboa Jet Upgrade

  • Advanced design allows our Balboa Series Jets to provide a variety of therapeutic massaging.
  • Provides deep-tissue massage to relieve muscle tension and joint pain
  • Available in ALL models

Pressure Point Jets

Stimulate acupressure points

  • Focuses on pressure points in shoulders, neck, back, calves and feet
  • Provides deep-tissue massage to relieve muscle tension and joint pain

Whirlpool Jets

Vigorous deep-muscle massage and bold action

  • Unique rifling action for high- and low-impact therapeutic massage
  • Swirling sensation

Therapy Jets

Versatile: swirling motion, rotating or stationary action

  • Relieves neck tension and strain
  • Ideal massage action for small muscles and sensitive nerves
  • Adjustable high/low massage action


A spa control that does it all

The spa controls on Signature Spas USA are conveniently located and easy to use. Digital touchpads give you total spa control – hot tub water circulation, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, filtration, purification, temperature, and lights! Each model features a clear and legible digital spa control panel, and most panels can be inverted for easy reading whether you’re inside or outside the hot tub. Pre-programming capabilities mean you can use energy-efficient settings, and also make sure your spa is always warm and ready for use. We are the ONLY spa manufacturer to offer exclusively 100% Balboa Equipment in all our spas, as they are known for the most cost efficient and reliable controls on the market.


Sound Systems

Sounds of Life

Now you can provide just the right sound to compliment your full relaxation experience.

Enjoy YOUR music in YOUR spa with a spa stereo option. Selected spas featuring the stereo option include a auxiliary input jack for your MP3 player. A Signature Spa with MP3 stereo and powered subwoofers also has an option to upgrade to handsfree bluetooth. Adding bluetooth technology means you can connect any bluetooth enabled device as your media source.Signature Spa Music System


A spa purifier means cleaner water with fewer chemicals and less maintenance

You can reduce the need for chemical spa sanitizers by using our high-output CD (corona discharge) ozone generator options. Ozone, used for decades in water sanitization systems, eliminates impurities and micro-organisms in water. Signature Spas USA equips all of its spas with ozone-ready systems.Signature Spas prozone1-150x150


Dramatic spa lights set the scene

Spa lighting and color are integral parts of your spa environment. They can change the mood from romantic to party scene, and make your spa easy to enjoy after dark. The adjustable LED lighting system glows from the footwell up to the multi-hued lighted spa waterfall. The LED spa lighting system features the synchronized colored spa lights of the waterfall, and bright in-spa lighting._C5A9415



Positive results for our bodies and our minds.

A spa vacation begins at home, with a Signature Spa hydrotherapy treatment. Experience the heat, buoyancy and massage that comprise hydrotherapy. As Signature Spa jets massage muscles, joints and pressure points, the water’s heat dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow to sore or damaged tissue. Because the water’s buoyancy reduces your body weight by 90 percent, pressure on joints and muscles is virtually eliminated.

The Signature Spa USA hydrotherapeutic blend of heat, buoyancy, and jet massage can relieve symptoms of arthritis and repairs damaged tissue. Regular hydrotherapy can also be an effective way to calm frayed nerves and ease the symptoms of stress.

The three elements of Signature Spas USA’s hydromassage:


Improves circulation and speeds recovery in damaged tissue.


Reduces effects of pressure on joints and spine.


Relieves muscle tension and alleviates stress.


The healing benefits of hydrotherapy:

The healing benefits of hydrotherapy have been known to all of the world’s great cultures, with a history that dates back thousands of years.

Ancient Egyptians bathed in heated waters treated with flowers and herbs, while the Greeks believed that water therapy was essential to optimal health. In India, hydrotherapy was an essential ingredient to well-being, with treatment that included inhaling steam to optimize the respiratory system.

The Romans were famous for their hot spring baths, and developed architecturally magnificent healing centers built around the use of water for wellness. Much like today’s spas, the Roman baths included heated pools used in conjunction with steam treatments. Japan and Germany have historically used natural hot springs for hydrotherapy in an attempt to treat medical conditions, enhance beauty, and promote healthy aging.

In its modern form, hot tub hydrotherapy has been found to be effective in treating muscle pains and stiffness, inflammatory disease, and the symptoms of daily stress. Particularly effective are spa hydrotherapy treatments that combine the components of heated water, water massage, and reduction of pressure on sore joints by decreasing body weight through buoyancy.

Today, Signature Spas USA continues these centuries-old traditions by enhancing the restorative properties of water. Signature Spas USA’s hydrotherapy uses massage, heat and buoyancy to accelerate your body’s natural healing process, and promote physical and mental well-being.


Arthritis and hot tub hydrotherapy:

AntiArthritisOver the years, hot tub hydrotherapy has evolved from “simply relaxing” to “physically therapeutic” for several medical conditions, among them arthritis.

Arthritis, which is an inflammation of the joints, causes pain and swelling as well as decreased range of motion. Researchers believe that time spent in a hot tub can help ease the aches and pains of arthritis while allowing the joints a higher degree of mobility.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, gentle stretching exercises should be done every day to help strengthen muscles and bones and increase flexibility. Further, the Foundation states that flexibility exercises can help protect joints by reducing the risk of joint injury; daily exercises can be done in water such as a hot tub, and are particularly useful for easing stiff arthritic joints in the morning.

Additionally, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine states that in the small number of controlled studies done on hydrotherapy for rheumatoid arthritis, many have reported benefit.

The buoyant warm water hydrotherapy of a Signature Spa makes it the ideal environment for relieving arthritis symptoms while improving overall range of motion.

Feel better with regular Signature Spa hydrotherapy sessions.

When arthritis strikes, simple activities of daily living, like buttoning a shirt or starting the car, become difficult due to stiff joints and decreased mobility. Even minor arthritis pain can interfere with your daily routine.

Signature Spas USAs’ hydrotherapy can help relieve arthritis symptoms:

  • The heat from the warm water relaxes the entire body as it increases blood flow.
  • The massaging action of the jets loosens muscle tension and soothes sore joints
  • water’s buoyancy makes you feel lighter, with up to 90% of your body weight lifted.

Hydrotherapy and Type 2 Diabetes

The New England Journal of Medicine reported on a study (08-16-1999) regarding the benefits of physical exercise and therapy from the use of hot tub spas. As reported, patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus were studied using a hot tub 30 minutes a day, 6 days per week. After only 10 days, patients required reduced doses of insulin, lost weight, showed distinct decreases in plasma glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin, and benefited from improved sleep and an increased general sense of well-being.

The study also reported of benefits for patients who are unable to exercise. These patients would specifically benefit from increased blood flow to skeletal muscles. Once again, if you have this condition or other medical issues, you must consult with your physician prior to starting any hydrotherapy program.



Sleep problems keeping you awake?

According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 70 million people in the United States are affected by sleep problems. A poll released by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) found that 43% of women surveyed say that daytime sleepiness interferes with their daily activities.

One way to ease into a deep, restful sleep: The Better Sleep Council recommends establishing a relaxing bedtime routine, such as soaking in hot water (a hot tub or bath) to help maintain a healthy sleep cycle. The gently massaging hot water of a Signature Spa is a natural place to establish a deeply relaxing, nighttime routine.

Relaxing in a Signature Spa can promote a good night’s sleep.
Whether it’s difficulty falling asleep or episodes of waking up and being unable to easily go back to sleep during the night, you probably experience a less-than-good night’s sleep from time to time. When lack of sleep becomes a chronic problem, it can start to affect you in many ways.

How important is a restful night’s sleep?

Studies show that:

  • Sleep helps the brain commit new information to memory.
  • Chronic sleep loss affects the way the body processes and stores carbohydrates, which may lead to weight gain.
    Poor sleep can contribute to accidents while driving.
  • Lack of sleep can make you irritable, and make it hard to concentrate.
  • Serious sleep disorders have been linked to hypertension.
  • Eventually, chronic sleep loss can diminish the disease-fighting capabilities of the immune system.

Learning to relax in preparation for a good night’s sleep can help improve the chances of falling, and staying asleep. Hydrotherapy by Signature Spas USA helps ease tension and promote relaxation. Heat loosens constricted blood flow. Buoyancy reduces body weight by up to 90%, relieving pressure on joints and muscles. And massage helps to work out stiffness and muscle soreness.

Signature Spas USA’s hydrotherapy also stimulates the production of endorphins, which naturally block pain and stress signals from reaching the brain. Their effects can linger after your spa session has ended, too, so you feel more content, and ready to sleep.

Signature Spa jets provide many massage variations that can help you release feelings of stress. Our jets, for example, pinpoint the neck muscles, where many people experience tension. You can opt for high- or low-level massaging action with these, and many others, Signature Spa jets.


Why you need stress relief.

According to the National Institute of Health, stress is a normal part of life that can result from any situation or thought that produces feelings of frustration, anger, or anxiety. Whether you are nervous about speaking in public or impatient because you’re stuck in traffic, you usually recognize the uncomfortable symptoms of stress.

Stress can also be helpful, if it encourages you to meet a deadline or change a situation that has created frustration in your life. But on a daily basis, stress can take a toll by causing unnecessary muscles tension, headaches, other types of pain, and irritability! And long-term stress can increase the risk of diseases like depression and heart disease, and may lead to other problems.

Finding ways to de-stress is important to achieving optimal health and well-being. For centuries, people have sought warm water therapies for relaxation, and healing. Today, we know that effective hydrotherapy can produce positive physical and mental changes. A few moments in a Signature Hot Tub, on a regular basis, can help relieve the symptoms of stress by promoting relaxation, decreasing muscle tension, and helping you get a good night’s sleep. Talk to your local dealer about the features that make Signature Hot Tub’s hydrotherapy so effective.

How hydrotherapy can help counter the effects of stress.

Signature Spas USA hydrotherapy can be an effective way to reduce the effects of stress on a consistent, day-to-day basis. It starts simply: a warm water massage in a Signature Spa makes you feel good! What better reward after a hard day than sinking into your Signature Spa and letting the combination of heat, buoyancy, and massage, or hydrotherapy, help you relax? Signature Spas’ hydrotherapy also has the power to bring about positive physical changes that can alleviate stress.

  • Effective hydrotherapy increases blood circulation, which can help relieve tension headaches caused by stress.
  • Massaging jets can directly soothe tightness in stress-prone areas, like the neck and shoulders.
  • Warm, massaging water helps stimulate the body’s natural production of endorphins, which reduce feelings of pain and anxiety.

Just owning a Signature Spa gives you a reason to take time out of your busy schedule on a regular basis and reconnect with those close to you. A Signature Spa can be a great place to discuss the day’s events in a calming environment, free from distractions. With extras like stereos, Signature Spas USA gives you more ways to relax and retreat from daily stress.

Alternative Therapies

Rejuvenate with the healing benefits of at-home spa therapies.

Water therapies involving warm water infused with deep massage have healed people around the world for centuries. Signature Spas USA takes this healing tradition to a new level by incorporating color, light, scent, music, and specialized hydromassage techniques into your hydrotherapy sessions.

Signature Spas are perfect for experiencing the benefits of reflexology, chromatherapy and watsu.

  • The foot jets in many of our models are ideal for the massaging foot work involved in Reflexology.
  • The multi-colored led lighting cast a spectrum of mood-enhancing shades.
  • The healing art of watsu can be practiced in our large hot tubs.


Hydromassage directed to pressure points in the feet can stimulate positive energy channels in other parts of the body.


Tap into the effects associated with specific colors to benefit the body and spirit.


A combination of the words “Water” and “Shiatsu,” watsu uses gentle movement and acupressure to encourage relaxation and energy flow.

Why try different therapeutic approaches? Signature Spas USA gives you a choice of jet and seating options in every spa: exploring different hydrotherapeutic techniques can help you discover new ways to get the most out of your spa sessions. Learn to target specific muscle groups or joints, find out which jet combinations are most relaxing, or simply enjoy a new experience, every day.

Experience the healing power of music along with your Signature Spas USA hydrotherapy session. Soothing sounds and Signature Spas USA go together naturally. So do music and hot tub parties! You have options for built-in stereo music with Signature Spas USA, including iPod docking stations in selected models.



Spa TypeBalboa Jets UPGRADE6 HP Pump UPGRADEBluetooth
SS-1000Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
SS-3 Plus$125.00$150.00/ UP GRADE to 220v$90.00$300.00$100.00
SS-5 Plus$125.00$150.00/ UP GRADE to 220v$90.00$300.00$100.00
S-44Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Not Available

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