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What is a Doughboy Pool?

05,Apr 2017

In Pittsburgh, above ground pools are a popular choice as they provide the benefits of a swimming pool at your home, at a lower cost than maintaining an inground pool. If you are considering having a new pool installed at your home, or are looking to replace your current pool, the Doughboy Above Ground Pool is a stylish and affordable choice. With a Doughboy Above Ground Pool, you get both style and luxury, at a price that is affordable

Doughboy Above Ground Pools Have Style


One prominent feature of the Doughboy pools is their exceptional style. With premium materials and first-rate construction, the Doughboy pool offers all of the durability without sacrificing any of the style. Up to 52 inches in height, Doughboy pools can be enhanced by decks and other attractive features to further beautify your yard.


Doughboy Above Ground Pools Offer Versatile Expansion


Purchasing a new Doughboy pool means that you benefit from the unique ability to expand upon them. The base of the pool can be expanded from a pool depth ranging from four to seven feet, giving you versatility in your recreational swimming options.


Doughboy Above Ground Pools Are Affordable


One key advantage of Doughboy pools is their affordable pricing. With a Doughboy pool, you can enjoy all of the benefits of an above ground swimming pool without sacrificing any of the style, at a price that you can afford. Take advantage of the benefits of a Doughboy pool this summer, at a fraction of the cost of an inground pool.


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