Single Speed vs Two Speed vs Variable Speed Pool Pumps

New pool owners are sometimes surprised to learn that there are different kinds of pool pumps. Pumps are important because they circulate the water and pool chemicals while filtering out the debris and other impurities.

Choosing a Pump That’s Right For Your Pool – and Your Utility Bill

Pool owners can choose from three different kinds of pumps, each with varying speeds and capabilities. The faster the speed of the pump, the more energy it uses, and the higher your utility bills will be.

  • Hurricane Single Speed PumpSingle Speed. This type of pump is the most common and runs at one speed. It is reliable, comes in different designs, and can be purchased with various horse powers, depending on your pool size. Since you can’t adjust the speed, it uses up quite a bit of energy, and may add as much money to your electrical bill as heating or whole-house air conditioning does.
  • Two Speed. These pumps have two speeds: half and full. You can operate them at half power, which makes the pool water filter through more slowly, but it also filters the water more effectively. Many people will operate the pump at both half and full speed. You can save a considerable amount of money on your electric bill, too – 75% more than compared to a single speed pump.
  • Variable Speed. These pumps save the most energy – up to 90% – and they cost more than the single or two-speed designs. However, they can be programmed to run in several speeds, depending on the situation, and are great for those who have high electric costs or who live in warmer climates and run their pumps throughout most of the year. You can recover the cost of a variable speed pumps within the first two years of its use. As a bonus, because this pump generates less heat in operation, it lasts longer, so you’ll get even more use out of it.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to find the right filter to go with the pump that you choose. Your pump and filter should be the same size, but the pump should never be bigger than the filter.

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